Paint something yellow!

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paint something yellow

#1 Feeling blue, or down and brown?  Add a quick dose of sunshine to life by grabbing your nearest can of yellow paint and splashing that sunny colour about. There’s nothing simpler or quicker to lift the spirits than be surrounded by happy colours and yellow is surely king of happy colours. If painting is not your thing, then you…

How to make a pom pom flower

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how to make a pom pom flower

Gee I love pom poms…those puff balls of magic. I sometimes wonder who was the first person to come up with a pom pom, and why? I can’t imagine the first  person who sat there and thought.. “If I put two circles of cardboard together and wind wool yarn around them, I can make a puffy ball of fluff. I…

How to paint inside a glass bottle in three easy steps

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how to paint inside a glass bottle

How to Paint Inside a Glass Bottle   I made some cute pom pom flowers and wanted a sunny sunshiny set of vases to display them. I tossed about with the idea of sliding yellow cardboard scrolls inside but decided to use my marvellous Annie Sloan chalk paint instead. I wanted to show you how to paint inside a glass…

Happy Crafty Family on Vimeo

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happy crafty family on vimeo

My Happy Crafty Family from amber greene on Vimeo. Happy Crafty Family on Vimeo A year ago, I made a promise to myself to add a little introductory video to my blog. Yesterday, I finally did it. But as you can see here, there were a few bloopers along the way!  Nothing like children to help you laugh at yourself….

How to make a pom pom with yarn for an apple prop or decoration

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how to make a pom pom with yarn

How to make a pom pom with yarn Pom Pom apples for an Autumn nature table display I really love the simplicity of a few wrapped branches in baby glass bottles and a tribe of pom pom apples. Such an easy craft but super cute.     (These natural timber mushrooms are pretty handsome also!) Remember pompoms from childhood. Have you…

I’m going to the Problogger event!

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im going to problogger event

Problogger event 2014   Oh, I’m so very excited again. This Thursday, I’m heading up to the Problogger Event at the QT hotel in Surfers Paradise. It’s my third one, and I feel super lucky that I get to go again. I’m hoping to meet some of my favourite bloggers and listen to what they have to say about blogging…

Winner of the Washable Doodle Magnets by Crayola

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mealtime challenges 3

Congratulations to…   Monica! Who shared this fab mealtime idea… “Grate your vegies and make a sauce ( cheese, tomato, coconut, gravy, curry) and mix it with anything rice, pasta, couscous, polenta. Keep it simple start with one before you know it you will have 5 veggies.” You have won a set of Washable Doodle Magnets by Crayola. Please have…

Win a My First Crayola Washable Doodle Magnets Set!

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mealtime challenges

Win a My First Crayola Washable Doodle Magnets Set! Brought to you by Crayola.   One lucky Happy*Crafty*Family reader will win this, a set of three reusable magnetic mats to inspire your children’s creativity!  All you have to do is leave a comment here answering this question… What is your best ‘mealtime’ tip for young children?   Giveaway closes Friday…

Five Simple Ways to Overcome Mealtime Challenges

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mealtime challenges pm

Mealtime Challenges Five quick and easy ideas to try! Brought to you by Crayola.   The most difficult part of my day at the moment is the end-of-day rush trying to make a healthy nutritious meal (no, toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner doesn’t quite cut it!), put the dinner on the table, and tidy up afterwards so I’m not left…

Are you the winner of the Yonanas Machine?

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yonanas machine

The lucky winner of the Yonanas Machine Giveaway is…   Sarah! who said, “My favourite fruit based recipe for sure would have to be mango, coconut and mint smoothies which have been frozen into icey poles! They are mangolicuous!” Sarah, I’ve sent you an email. Please send me your postal address so we can get this out to you asap….

Win a Yonanas Machine!

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yonanas machine

One lucky PFE reader will win a Yonanas Machine! The Healthy Dessert Maker could be yours.   Want to make delicious fruity desserts for your family? Perhaps you’d like to make the gorgeous fruity layered Rainbow Cake I posted yesterday? Or maybe you want to try your own experiments? Then you definitely need to enter this awesome giveaway, with thanks…

How to make a natural Rainbow Cake!

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how to make a natural rainbow cake

How to make a natural Rainbow Cake! I’ve been loving all these rainbow cakes I’ve been seeing for a year or so on Pinterest, and also on friends blogs and facebook pages. BUT even though I love the vibrant colours, I’m not too keen on EATING that stuff. Not for me, definitely not for my kids. So I’ve been wondering…

Back at school today

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enjoying one last cup of tea at bonogin

This is me enjoying one last cup of tea at the old Bonogin house on cleaning day. I brought the tea, the kettle, the milk. Forgot the cup. Tea in a sippy cup was a new experience! Back at school today. Yes, I’ve been teaching this year. (Special Needs Teacher.) Just three days a week, but add that to a…

Winner of the Crayola Doodle Magic Travel Pack is ….

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crayola doodle magic mat

Winner of the Crayola Doodle Magic Travel Pack. Wow. Over 75 of your fabulous ideas to choose from. Thank you for your ideas! It was so difficult to choose the most creative entry. I LOVED all your tips, especially the ones about taking Grandparents along for the trip. But this one kind of covered all bases. Congratulations to…   Donna!…