Find the Perfect Gift for Dad with this handy infographic!

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find the perfect gift for dad

Find the Perfect Gift for Dad This post is in collaboration with Pitchi   Father’s Day is this week. Oh my. These special days just creep up on me so quickly and every year, I’m stumped as to what to buy my Dad or Chris (dad of my boys.) They simply don’t NEED anything and while both men are happy…

Six Fun Things to Do with Rainbow Silks

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rainbow silks

Ideas on how to use a Rainbow Dip-dyed cloth    Avril (below) was a presenter for a rainbow dip dyeing workshop. Look at the lovely rainbow silk cloths she dyed with her group. Later in the week, we had a group discussion to share some ideas on how we could use these cloths with children in imaginative play.     One…

Photobox Gifts for Father’s Day #Fathersdayflashback

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photobox gifts fathers day

Father’s Day Flashback! In conjunction with Photobox A few months ago, I did a massive re-arrange and clear out of my house and office to prepare for my new flatmate. In one cupboard, I found the big cardboard box filled with all my ‘photo’ boards – huge frames filled with cut outs of all my favourite snaps.  There’s one from…

20 Eco Friendly Party Bag Ideas that won’t break the bank!

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how to make eco friendly party bags post it notes

20 Eco friendly party bag ideas that won’t break the bank!   One of my favourite things about being a mum is organising my children’s birthday parties.  I may be a sucker for punishment but there is wonderful creative opportunity and a chance to ‘fire up my creative spark’ for children and families who really do appreciate our efforts.  My…

Outdoor Playground Ideas: gardening, wildlife, sandpit, and water activities

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outdoor playground ideas

And a few more outdoor playground ideas… Again, with big big thanks to Fiona Jarvis, of Playgroup ACT, for her inspiration and ideas.     Gardening- *provide tools such as shovels, rakes, watering cans and hand diggers. You can buy these pretty cheaply from most large hardware shops (for $5- $10 a piece) and they make GREAT Christmas presents!  Stuck…

Spot the Wall Repaired with LEGO!

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wall repaired by lego

20. Wall Repaired with LEGO!   I was walking in my little town of Brunswick Heads the other day and I spotted this. A tiny bit of repair work on the corner of a brick wall… with a difference. If there is something that makes my heart sing, it is an unexpected find like this. A drop of creative action….

Easy Nature Crafts For Kids: Stick dolls

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stick crafts

Project #13: Easy Nature Crafts for Kids- Stick dolls Introducing Pearl, the Stick Girl   Time: 20 minutes maximum Difficulty: Fun in the outdoors, as long as you have a bit of string in your pocket   Stick Man needs a friend to take along on his adventures.  And if you are looking for easy nature crafts for kids, you…

How to Do the Royal Wave

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how to do the royal wave

19. How to do the Royal Wave   I spotted this picture on the internet last week.  It’s “The Waving Spot”, a place in the corner of the garden for children to go and wave a coloured flag as their mums and dads head off on a busy day, or to greet them at home time. This is my ‘Sprinkle…

Rainbow Bridge Workshops- The Taste Test Sessions

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rainbow bridge workshops

 Rainbow Bridge Workshops     Rainbow Bridge Workshops   If you are looking for new inspiration for your team, or want some insight into sustainability, or simply want to see what we are up to, please come along to try what we offer! Book online below, or call 0488 369139 to secure your spot.   Rainbow Bridge Workshops- Session One:…

My work at Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care

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rainbow bridge family day care

Did you know that mid-last year we started Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care? I’m co-director along with my fabulous colleagues Victoria Edmond and Marta Koncz, and we have RBFDC educators on the Gold Coast, the GC Hinterland, Tweed and right down to Myocum near Byron Bay. It’s the sole reason I’ve not been on my blog quite as much.. Setting…

10 more creative ways to display flowers in the home

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creative ways to display flowers in the home

Fresh flowers. Don’t you just love them?   There is one thing that transforms a house into a home.  That thing?  Fresh flowers.  It doesn’t matter if they are a professionally arranged display or a tiny drooping bunch handed to you in a cone of silver foil from a little 4 year old, flowers bring a little bit of happiness…

Pop a message on a Birthday Notice Board

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birthday notice board

18.   A few weeks ago, I drove past one of those big black and white signboards – you know the ones, with the interchangeable letters, often found outside fire stations, churches, and schools. It was on the way out to Mt Warning, on the road out of Murwillumbah. It said “Happy 25th Birthday, Ben!”   Made me start to…

Lunchbox idea: Stainless steel lunch tins from camping or disposal stores

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stainless steel lunch tins

  Why I LOVE our stainless steel lunch tins   In 2000, my daughter began her schooling journey at Silkwood.  Some clever parent or teacher (goodness knows who but what a fab idea) suggested that the children could use stainless steel lunch tins, like the ones used for camping, as lunchboxes.   Almost 15 years on, here it is.  It…