Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Ideas #2

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annie sloan chalk paint ideas

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Ideas #2 Paint your own Painted Pegboard Display Wall Brought to you by Annie Sloan   For the first time since I was 26, I live in a rental home with seriously bland and blah! walls. I’m told I can use those super expensive stick-on hooks to hang things but I don’t fancy paying $6 or…

Tommee Tippee Bath Toys and Awesome Storage Net Bag too!

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tommee tipped bath toys

Tommee Tippee Bath Toys …and the clever thinkers there made this awesome Bath Tub Toy Net Bag too! Brought to you by Tommee Tippee   I LOVE order and organisation, and having lived with children’s toys in my house for almost 20 years, I like them to be kept out from under my feet.  My house has been pretty untidy…

Be Generous

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be generous

Image via Creative Commons 14. One day, I was working in the kindergarten and the teacher asked me to do a little job while she woke the children from their rest. My task was to spread the butter and jam on the warm bread rolls, so they were ready in time for the children’s afternoon tea. There was a pile…

Share a Story with a Random New Friend

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share a story

Image via Creative Commons 13.  My mum is such an inspiration for being joyful. One of the things she does best is to chat to random strangers. When I was a kid, I remember feeling the awkwardness and wished she would stop, but now I have taken her lead and I do exactly the same thing! There is seriously nothing…

Join in the Dance

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join in the dance

Image via Flickr Creative Commons 12.   I made a pact with myself this year. To join in the dance more often. I don’t get out much so most of my dancing this year has been impromptu twirly swirly jigs with my two little boys when a fun song hits the airwaves. But in the past two weeks, I’ve had…

Share Something You Normally Don’t Share

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share something

11. I’m not good at sharing chocolate. It doesn’t even matter if I don’t like it very much. I want to keep it all for me. Mine. Mine. Mine. It’s mine. (Chocolate brings out the toddler in me.) But Jack is now a lover of chocolate too, and is fond of the purple packet and the lovely thing that you…

Go Somewhere New.

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go somewhere new

  10.  Go somewhere new. Take a walk on the wild side, or just take a walk. Pop on your most comfortable shoes and a broad brim hat, and embrace the ‘wander’. Wend and wind your way into foreign territory… perhaps to visit a dog grooming parlour, an auto accessory shop (the crafty things you can do with stuff from…

Change a little thing.

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change a little thing

9.   A quick way to inject a little joy into your day is to change a LITTLE thing. What do you use or look at every single day that could really enjoy an injection of new or a sprinkle of rejuvenation? My keyring was looking a little sad and tired so when I saw this sweet toadstool from Seedling…

Look for the good in everything

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look for the good in everything

   8.   I don’t watch television at home. We have an old-school set (read: very heavy grey elephant-sized box, gifted to me by my neighbours)  but it has no tv connectivity and can only be used for a rare ‘video’. Video… meaning DVD. I’m still stuck in old school language too! It’s not that I don’t have the time….

How to Live with Wrinkles.

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how to live with wrinkles

7.   Last Christmas, I took my three to visit Santa to have their photo taken. I made a last minute decision to jump in the picture. It was a wonderful moment in time, and a pretty cute picture to boot BUT… my first thought when the lady handed it to me was “Oh gee… check out those lines on…

Take a bath

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take a bath

6.    Is there anything quite so fabulous as a steaming hot bath at the end of a day?  Today, I dare you, to take a bath. Draw the water, dim the lights (candlelight is super-dooper pretty too!), wait until everyone else is in bed, then JUMP IN.  Take a good book, a cup of tea, your favourite tunes in…


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5.    I’m guilty of being a ‘bull in a china shop’.  I’ve ALWAYS felt that it is up to me to stand up for things I believe in or when I see an injustice, even when others just let it be. (In the spirit of being honest, I’m also guilty of having judged those ‘others’  as having no backbone…

Find a Horseshoe for Luck

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horseshoe for luck

4. Every day, I drive by one of my neighbours and see a horseshoe hanging above their garage door. I haven’t seen one of these for years and years and years but I’m so glad I spotted it. This symbol of charm reminds me of my childhood, and “Old Sydney Town”, and spending time with my beloved cousins and sisters,…

How to be neat

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how to be neat

3.   Today’s Sprinkle comes direct to you from my friend Meg’s dad. I just love it. I’m a super fan of being organised, but not quite so capable about being neat. My organisation is kind of like my mums. I make piles, and reshuffle piles, and make more piles, and reshuffle a bit more. Then I work through those…

Sing Out Loud

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sing out loud

  2.   Earlier this year, when I was working as a teacher, I visited a local aged care centre with the Grade Six class. They were involved in something called the ‘Sing Out Loud’ program. I’d never heard of it before, but it is an initiative from the Arts Health Institute, striving to bring positive mental health, connection and…