Toy Car Wash: A fun outdoor activity for children

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Friday’s Guest: Bernadine Murray of “Pretend and Move“ Workshop Wednesdays – At the Car Wash With such lovely weather around at the moment it is easier for us mums to venture outside, it is also easier to set up some outdoor activities.  Kids love playing with water so why not create a carwash outside. You can use tubs filled with…

Novelty car-shaped drinking straw DIY tutorial

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Here is the template. You need the car body, the car wheels (cut 2) and the car windows (cut 2). Plus 2 brads (pushpins), a needle or pin, a stanley knife, a glue stick, a chopping board, and of course, a straw. Firstly, glue on the windows. Then use the needle/pin to poke a hole through the centre of each…

Host a Car Party for toddlers and preschoolers

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Well, if you are going to host a car party, you need cars! Small market boxes for fruit and vegetables are sturdy things and just the right size. I covered them in brown wrapping paper, and added two long ribbon strings so the children could ‘carry’ their cars as they walk. Paper plates were attached with ‘brads’  (push pins, from…

How to make your own excavator toy for the sandpit

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You simply go to mum’s kitchen drawer and pull out that thing you’ve seen her use once or twice to grate cheese. And then you tell Mum not to come into the sandpit, because you really haven’t got anything from the kitchen at all. So cute, I couldn’t stop laughing! Have your children done this? Creativity at best. What did…