Festive Fun- Writing on Windows!

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writing on windows

Festive Fun! When else are you allowed to write on windows? In conjunction with Crayola.   Last week, I was co-host of our monthly Crafternoon get together. (Madness… it’s been going for 4.5 years now!)   We decided to make it a cooking/baking day, so the girls all made a festive Christmas box with a handle and then filled it…

Kids Art Projects at Kids Art Adventures

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kids art projects

Kids Art Projects Join in the fun with Nicky at Kids Art Adventures   A few weeks ago, my friend Loretta posted a pic of her son R. on Facebook. When I saw what he had been making, I was super excited. How cool is that popsicle stick sailing ship? Hasn’t he done an awesome job? So, I had to…

Teaching painting to children: watercolour fun

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teaching painting to children

Project #5:  Teaching Painting to Children Watercolour fun! and Colour Experimentation Time: Unlimited! Difficulty: Easy (While this craft is easy, I know from experience that lots of mamas aren’t a big fan of messy painting.  If you’d like to learn a very helpful way of setting up the activity of teaching painting to children, so that children become self-managing, careful…

Art lesson ideas: printing on fabric

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art lesson ideas

 Art lesson ideas: how to stamp on calico fabric using all kinds of ‘stamps’ Last Saturday, it was my friend Cindi and my turn to host our next Crafternoon. I love these crafternoons because they are a gentle push to come up with something new. But this time I didn’t have to think at all. Cindi’s daughter’s class parents had recently…

Make your own ‘moving picture’ drawing with an Easter hare for storytelling: a how-to tutorial

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Collette Leenman easter picture

  My friend, author Collette Leenman, asked me if I’d like to share this ‘moving picture’ illustrative craft with my readers, and of course, I jumped at the chance!  I love Collette’s work.  Two of her books, Easter in Autumn, and Enchanted Birthdays, are favourites of mine. Her artwork and drawings bring the content to life.  Definitely a worthy investment….

Make a set of drawing mats for artistic fun at home

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    One of the things I hear most often from parents when we are talking about providing artistic or creative fun activities for our children at home is concern or annoyance at the mess that usually comes too.  While we might have good intentions and really want to support and encourage our children’s artistic prowess, sometimes it all just…

Calico covered pencil pots with hand-embroidered tags

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Calico covered pencil pots

      As someone who has slowly built a big stash of creative tools over the years, one of the things I struggle with is how to organise them in a way that makes the tools accessible, streamlined, yet also kind of stylish.  I have experimented with wooden dishes, cane baskets, plastic tubs, garden baskets, and just about every…

How to make a stamp: hand-carving tutorial

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how to make a stamp

How to make a stamp: hand-carving tutorial Have you ever wanted to know how to make your own stamp but didn’t quite know how to begin? I discovered this craft about 4 years ago and I think it has become my favourite craft ever. It is just so useful to know how to make a stamp- you can use them…

Seed painting: A how-to tutorial

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A few weeks ago, we went to an eco-friendly festival. This was one of the activities on offer. On the table were five or six small dishes filled with acrylic paint, and mixed into the acrylic paint were all kinds of seeds- sunflowers and daisies included.  The children were then given a large sheet of butcher’s paper and invited to…

Magic rainbow ribbon wand DIY tutorial

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We’ve been catching rainbows!  Want to join us?? Firstly, take a craft stick and attach a fishing swivel to one end with a screw. (Fishing swivels can be found in boating/camping/fishing stores)   Cut a strip of silk 5cm in width and at least one metre long. Thread a needle with a piece of embroidery thread, and run a gathering…

Surprise Snail Mail Love in the letterbox

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Gosh, how we missed our Moondew friends, Ned and I. I am so happy our friends are back! Ned helped me to make a little Welcome Back postcard and we sent them to all our Moondew friends. How lovely is it to receive something other than a bill in the postbox???? What was the last non-bill thing you received?

Make your own outdoor chalk board

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Our newest addition to our outside playground is the rock-edged blackboard. I love having a place where children can come and use good quality, vibrant, rainbow-hued chalk to make their own drawing creations. Sometimes, when the hussle and bussle of play is just too much, or they are having a quiet, contemplative type of day, drawing is just the tonic….