How to Make a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit

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how to make a washcloth bunny rabbit

How to make a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit Makes a lovely handmade gift idea for Easter or Springtime!     My teaching friends Jennie and Jemma were given a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit as an easter gift, and when he was three, I made Ned his very own pink one. He did love pink!   There is still time to make one for your…

Kids Nature Crafts- 30 great ideas and activities

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kids nature crafts

Here’s a round-up of the 30 Kids Nature Crafts featured on Parenting Fun Everyday. Photos: left to right, top row – second row – bottom row   1. Easy flower craft for kids: Dancing Queen 2. Sweet Woodland Sprite Nature Craft 3. Bill muncher felt ball caterpillar peg 4. Mademoiselle Shell, a lovely doll mobile 5. Teaching painting to children and…

Home Office Organisation Ideas Using Fun Painted Stones

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Home Office organisation ideas

Project #28: Home Office Organisation Ideas Paint a set of ‘jobs to do’ nature stones Time: An hour or less. Time-saving? Endless. Difficulty: Quick, easy and cheerful.   My office is ALWAYS in need of organisation. I’m someone who puts things in piles. But while I know what is in the pile at that moment, I quickly forget.  So many…

Storytelling Ideas For Kids and Parents: Make your own with story stone starters

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storytelling ideas for kids

  Project 27: Storytelling Ideas for Kids & Parents ‘Storytelling Stones’. Make your own story starters! Time: One hour, give or take Difficulty: Choosing what pictures you’ll use is the biggest barricade!   We busy parents don’t have time for lots and lots of stories at bedtime. Especially NOT those long, long, long ones. Short stories are good. Our days…

Nature Table Waldorf: Mother Earth Pine Cone Doll

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nature table waldorf

Project #26: Nature Table Waldorf Mother Earth Pine Cone Doll Time: 15 minutes plus pine cone ‘treasure hunting’ time! Difficulty: easy as falling off a log! Yesterday, I made a gnome using a pine cone and I promised another pine cone craft today. Pine cones are not the easiest of nature finds to work with- they are a bit limited…

What To Make With Pinecones: Preschool Activities

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What To Make With Pinecones

Project #25: What to make with pinecones Meet Mr Pine Cone Gnome, the perfect preschool activity Time: 20 minutes maximum Difficulty: Hardest part is finding the pine cone!   Down by the river, there is a row of tall pine trees. I went down there looking for some pine cones but there wasn’t a single one. (I’m thinking that there may…

Make your own tic tac toe game

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kids nature crafts

Project #24.  Make your own tic tac toe game Paint your own Bumble Bee and Ladybird game pieces using stones, and sew up a Leaf Games Board Time: Paint needs a little drying time between coats but this can still be done in half a day. Difficulty: Acrylic Paint Fun. Keep wet towels and newspaper handy.   Here’s a simple nature-inspired…

How To Make Felt Flowers: DIY Bookmark

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how to make felt flowers

Project #22: How To Make Felt Flowers: DIY Bookmark Time: 30 minutes Difficulty: Making flowers is lovely fun!   I needed a new bookmark, and inspired by the twistie rope that keeps the communication book at Ned’s preschool open for us to read and write in, I thought I’d make a flower inspired one. I learned how to make felt flowers…

Beaded Butterfly Necklace For Kids

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beading patterns

Project #21: Beaded Butterfly Activity Butterfly Necklace, Brooch or Hanging Mobile for Kids Time: 45 minutes Difficulty: Wonderful for pincer grip, and sorting beads by colour. Could be hours of fun with this!   One of our little friends has a birthday coming up so I thought I’d come up with a cute nature-inspired craft that could be used for…

How do you make a toy snail?

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how do you make a toy

Project 20: How do you make a toy snail? Time: An hour or so Difficulty: Fiddly fingers but totally do-able!   I’m often asked, “how do you make a toy (insert toy of choice here)?” I’ve made lots of toys over the years but never a snail before. It was a new challenge. I like a crafty challenge. It helps…

Felt leaves tutorial: Felt leaf & Gumnut Baby

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craft with felt

Project #19: Felt Leaves Tutorial Leaf Pouch Sleeping Bag & Sunflower Seed Baby Time: 30-45 minutes Difficulty: Simple and sweet   When I have the time, I like to make things as gifts for little friends. We also used to make a little gift for our kindy children when it came time for a festival. This felt leaves tutorial is…

How To Make A Corn Husk Doll And An Avocado Skin Cradle

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corn husk

Project #18: How To Make A Corn Husk Doll and an Avocado Skin Cradle by Collette Leenman Time: 60 minutes Difficulty: Careful fingers required   My friend Collette is an artist who inspires me regularly. We’ve never met in person, but we share a love for all things nature and crafty, and I simply LOVE her books. They are everything a…