Outdoor Playground Ideas: gardening, wildlife, sandpit, and water activities

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outdoor playground ideas

And a few more outdoor playground ideas… Again, with big big thanks to Fiona Jarvis, of Playgroup ACT, for her inspiration and ideas.     Gardening- *provide tools such as shovels, rakes, watering cans and hand diggers. You can buy these pretty cheaply from most large hardware shops (for $5- $10 a piece) and they make GREAT Christmas presents!  Stuck…

Free Treasure Hunt Games For Children

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free treasure hunt games for children

Free treasure hunt games for children   A little while ago, I took Ned to his friend Q’s birthday party. Q and his family live on a lovely property with lots of trees, perfect for this party game. It’s a treasure hunt with a difference. To make it, you’ll need as many paddle pop (ice lolly) sticks as you have…

Loose parts play ideas

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autumn loose parts ideas

Loose parts play ideas Autumn Leaves and Seedpods as Outdoor Imaginative Play Boosters!   I popped in to my son’s old preschool the other day and I saw this little cane cupboard propped right on the edge of the verandah.  Yes! Baskets of autumn play props. I love it. I can just imagine the play that might grow from something…

A simple nature trail activity

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fragrant blossoms

  Although I lived on acreage properties from the age of 12, surrounded by nature, bush, creeks, wild animals (thanks to my dad’s job of photographing Australian reptiles and fish, there were always snakes, fish, frogs, and lizards on site), and trees, I’m much more of an urban girl at heart. I do like my funky shops, freshly made chai,…

Homemade bubble wands, a how-to tutorial using sticks, wire and ribbon

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My friend Simone prepared this lovely idea for her son’s 4th birthday party and I just had to share  (with permission of course) She cut some small branches and some 30cm lengths of wire. The adults were asked to twist the centre of the wire into a circular shape, then use the leftover lengths to attach it to the branch….

Water Play at the Eco Village, Currumbin Valley, Queensland

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Don’t you just love this? A water pump in the sandpit! Children have to really really work at it to get it going… Seeing the first rush of water requires will and fortitude and determination to keep pumping even when they think nothing is happening…. (Kind of reminds me of life sometimes.  Sometimes, we just have to slog along, trusting…

Pop Up Playgrounds- a new concept for play

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Have you heard of the concept of a Pop-Up store? How about a Pop-Up Playground?? What an idea. I love it when communities begin thinking outside the box to come up with helpful and life changing/affirming strategies for their local citizens. This article, Presto! Instant Playground is worth a read.

Water play fun by Belinda Connelly

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An article by Belinda Connelly, of Fairy Thread . Water is amazing stuff! We humans are made up of mostly water (at least 70%). I recently heard water referred to as ‘nature’s solution dillution’. I love that as I know water benefits our bodies so much! Personally, if I forget to drink enough water during the day I find myself feeling lethargic, unable to think clearly and…

Playing with sticks, a child’s exploration of the world of nature

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I just love this post about the power of sticks written by one of my best girlfriends, Jen on her blog, Lavendilly That documentary ‘Babies’ has just been released on DVD and I think this article also proves what has been shown by the African babies.  That sometimes, less is truly more.  Not more and more toys, but instead ACCESS to…

How to make your own simple bird feeder

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All you need is a pine cone, a long piece of ribbon or string, some peanut butter, and wild bird seed. Tie the ribbon around the centre stem of the pine cone, leaving two long ends free. Tie the ends together to make two loops, as shown, for hanging. Be sure to use some kind of tray as it is…

Outdoor Playground Ideas: music, worm farms, mudpits, and chalk drawing walls

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Wow! Can you imagine an outdoor playground with all these things? *a music tree *a teepee     a worm farm (oh, those juicy worms!) a veggie bed a mud pit a bike and car track paint and chalk walls a bamboo screen cubby moveable features and differing terrain. Future planning includes: tube telephones a moveable series of connecting pipes…

Outside playgrounds and Outdoor classrooms. What do young children really need?

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(Moondew children in outdoor play action!)   I really liked this post (below) by Teacher Tom. River Keeps on Rolling on Teacher Tom’s blog is about the industrious activity of the children in his outdoor classroom. It is worth a read, especially to check out the pictures of the children in action.   Play for children really is their work, don’t…

Periwinkle Preschool: Recycled Handmade Wooden Children’s Playground!

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Paved play area Sandpit Fort and slide Tree swing Vegie patch and soon-to-be mudpatch! Yes!!! Mudpatch for digging!!! Lucky children. Balance Beam Swings and Flying Fox Water pump for children to pump their own water for play from the well-hidden water tank designated just for this purpose. Climbing net Climbing dome And a trampoline. Doesn’t it just look like juicy,…