Dragon eggs and Fairy eggs

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fairy eggs

Last year, a friend of mine held a birthday party and in the take home party bag was a little cellophane packet tied up with string that held about 20 tiny fairy eggs in rainbow colours. Ned was fascinated by these tiny balls and their potential. But somehow, they got lost. Last month, when we were in Sydney, we visited…

Rainy Day Indoor Activities For Kids

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Project #9: Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids Indoor Table Sandpit   Time: If you can stand a bit of sand on the floor, children may play there all day long! Difficulty: Child’s play!   “Nature crafts” don’t have to be complicated. In fact, this one is as easy as finding the biggest container you have, filling it with beach…

‘Rainbow’ Drawing and Knotting Activity

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Children love rainbows, don’t they? Why not make a beautiful rainbow to hang in their room? Draw a rainbow shape and ask the child to cut it out. Give them a set of crayons and invite them to colour the rainbow. You might start it off with the red on top. This can also be a wonderful ‘matching’ game, trying…

Sorting activity for children: thread pegs

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Do your children like to sew? Letting children into my thread box is kind of like asking for a cotton thread whirlwind. No matter how careful they are, my threads end up everywhere, tangled and knotted. Then I saw this magnificent idea one day. Simply wind a small amount of coloured thread around a wooden peg and thread the end…

Rainy Day Cloud Craft: A how-to tutorial

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Here’s one for the children on a rainy day. Make your own Rainy Day Cloud art. Draw a cloud on a piece of white cardboard. Cut the shape out. (A good practice piece for children with all the bumps and lumps) Invite them to colour the cloud, any so way they wish. Punch some holes in the cloud.  Raindrop holes…

Tap Tap construction game for children

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Have you ever seen this Hammer Nail Tap Tap game? They are sold in sets-  shapes, or animals, or houses or trees.  Each set comes with a number of timber pieces cut into the specific style, pre drilled with a small hole.  There is also a cork board, a container of tiny brass pin nails and a wooden hammer. I store…

Rainy day Activity Fun: Cookie cutters and playdough

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Ned and I found a set of brand new cookie cutters, plastic ones from about the 70′s, in one of our local op shops. He spent almost a whole day playing with the cookie cutters and his rainbow playdough . It wasn’t just cutting out the shapes. No sir. Once he had made his rainbow set of cars, he spent…

Rainbow Playdough: A how-to tutorial by Friday’s Guest, Tania Arthur

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Rainbow Playdough by Friday’s Guest, Tania Arthur.  When I am making rainbow playdough for just my own children I half or quarter the recipe so I don’t end up with too much. The measurements below are for a half measure of a normal recipe of playdough so feel free to adjust as necessary. Ingredients: 1 cup of flour 2 tbs…

How to plant a succulent in a teacup

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Find a lovely teacup and saucer in a charity shop. This is easier said than done as many teacup sets now are priced as though they are antiques. It really is a treasure hunt to find a set for under $2.  Have fun searching! I set up a big bucket of soil and gave the children spoons to scoop the…

Using coloured matchsticks to make simple pictures

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I found this small bag of coloured matchsticks a few years back in a cheap store. I’ve had them in my cupboard and have never known what to do with them, other than maybe collage… When I found a clear lidded box from an old puzzle, I thought of a use. Perhaps, the matchsticks could be like rainy day ‘blocks’…

How to personalise your own socks with rainbow colours

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You will need some fabric markers or crayons. The Pentel Fabric Fun crayons were great. You can use a pencil sharpener to transform the blunt sticks into points for writing too. (Don’t bother with the crayola brand- they are rubbish on socks. Actually, rubbish-full stop. These are the first crayola product I wouldn’t buy again) And a blank pair of…

How to make Wishing Stone painted magnets

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Here is an idea using those clear wishing stones you find in all good cheap shops. Turn them over and paint the flat side. (When you turn them right side up, the image you paint will be magnified) This is a little tricky. We kind of have to paint ‘backwards’ First thing that you paint will become the ‘topmost’ layer…

How to make oven bake clay jewelry like brooches, badges and medallions

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How to make oven bake clay jewelry like these brooches In most craft shops, it is possible to find something called Sculpty Clay, or Fimo.  (I remember Fimo from when I was a child.  My mum loved to wear big chunky necklaces made from this stuff!) It comes in all the colours of the rainbow, and when your creation is…