The Pedagogical Principle of Imitation

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ned principle of imitation

The Principle of Imitation is everything   If there is one thing I am grateful for, it is the knowledge that imitation is everything when it comes to raising and teaching little children.     Every single day, I can see this principle in action.     When we are aware of this fact, then the role of educating a…

Ipads in Early Childhood Education. Incorporating the use of ipads in the early years classroom?

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child on ipad

    Ipads in early childhood education?  YES or NO?   A while back, I read that three kindergartens in Queensland are taking part in this new study to examine the ‘educational benefits’ of ipad use, particularly concerning the development of literacy and numeracy in preschool children.  I nearly choked on my cup of tea! ipads in early childhood education….

Consequences for kids. The critical difference between a ‘punishment’ and a ‘consequence’

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consequences for kids

Image via Creative Commons, with thanks. Consequences for kids. The critical difference between a ‘punishment’ and a ‘consequence’   There is one little bit in my book where I write about ‘punishments‘. Oooh, that was a difficult word to include in a creative parenting book. But let me give you a bit of back story. I ran a survey in…

5 simple tips for taking amazing photos of your kids

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My Five Top Simple Tips for Capturing Kids By Friday’s Guest, Rachel Easley. I like to regularly ignite the creative flame that’s within me but as a busy working mum of two lively boys, that hasn’t always been an easy thing to do. When there is always something going on, someone to be fed or bathed, or homework to be completed, it’s…

A spoonful of sugar: Making jobs fun for children

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“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down“  Last week, it was raining when Ned and I arrived at preschool. This meant that instead of beginning outside and playing in his beloved sandpit, the class began inside. What greeted the children was a table full of tiny puddles of flour, one in front of each child’s seat.  But these were not…

Supporting Boys in Early Childhood Education

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I just had an email from Katie (thank you) and have been in contemplation all day about the joys and challenges of raising little boys. Having my own son has been the catalyst for me to really SEE (with open eyes-oh my gosh, I’m shocked!) the difference in how boys and girls play. It really got me thinking again about…