Preparing a Meaningful Festival for your Family, Class and Community with Sandra Frain

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sandra frain

 Preparing a Meaningful Festival for your Family, Class and Community with Sandra Frain My lovely friend and colleague Sandra Frain, she of boisterous exuberance, a laughing love of life, and sheer sweetness, is running this amazing new workshop on June 22nd in Byron Bay.  (Sandra is one of our Rainbow Bridge Upcoming Presenters too, and she may very well repeat…

Autumn Harvest Festival Ideas

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autumn harvest festival ideas

Autumn Harvest Festival Ideas from Ned’s school celebration   Just over a week ago, Ned and his classmates invited us (the families) to come and share in a little seasonal festival fun!  I wrote yesterday about the gorgeous autumn fall leaf bunting made by the children that was hanging in among the branches of the trees. But there was so…

DIY Salad Bar Party.

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diy salad bar party

DIY Salad Bar Party A Month of Food Fun on PFE…Day One   Every day during February (or as often as I can- life is PRETTY BUSY this month, even busier than usual…but I’m striving to get here fairly regularly…), I’m going to share some ‘Food Fun’ ideas. These are things I’ve been gathering over the years from friends, family,…

Waldorf Spring Festival Celebration Ideas

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waldorf spring celebration ideas

On Wednesday last week, Ned’s preschool celebrated the arrival of Spring! Oh, I do think this is my favourite time of year. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, joy is everywhere. And of course, celebration is in the air. Ned’s Spring Festival began with a quiet gathering inside. The children sat on chairs in a circle, or on…

Ideas for a Valentine’s Day girly get-together

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Years ago, before I was married, I hosted a Valentine’s Day party. I wanted to spend a few moments focusing on the essence of what love is, as sometimes it seems to me that our love antennas need a bit of a refocus. We can all do with a reminder every now and then, don’t you think? It’s not always…

Valentine’s Day sweet biscuit LOVE bombs

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  Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and I always like to do a little something, simply to recognise and acknowledge ‘love’ in all the forms it comes.   For me, it’s not just about romantic love. (although of course, that is lovely.) I also like to give thanks for the ‘love’ that is present each day when…

Tradition kills creativity

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Burn, Baby, Burn. Creativity Fire Starters.   I love traditions. I love the ritual of doing something in a particular way, each season, or each birthday or each year. I think there is something extremely nurturing for everyone in experiencing a seed of something familiar, repeated on a predictable cycle.   But… I also know that holding onto traditions dogmatically…

Valentine’s Day Crafts

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I love Valentine’s Day. Many years ago, I held a Valentine’s Day party for a bunch of my girlfriends.  It was a night to help us all remember to love our husbands or partners, our friends and our family members, but also ourselves.  It was such a divine thing to share stories of love, not just romantic love, but things…

How to make ghost decorations from muslin for Halloween

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BOO! Can you imagine children being greeted by these friendly ghosts? (The magnificent pink light in these two photos is the result of that outrageous storm that crossed Felipe’s Halloween birthday party) There were more of these ghostly friends inside too. Gabi made these by first fashioning a ghostly shape from styrofoam.  One large block was the base.  She then…

Styling a Halloween Party with Gabi Panissa

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One of my closest friends has left town. Gabi’s husband Julio was invited to transfer to Canada for two years and so they headed off a 2-year adventure yesterday.  Lucky things! So, they hosted an early 2nd birthday party for their son Felipe and made it a Farewell do too. Gabi is one of the most creative people I know,…