“Making Childhood Magical.” I’m not done!

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making childhood magical

“Why I’m NOT Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical”   Yesterday, a friend posted this on her Facebook page. “I’m done making my kid’s child magical“ by Bunmi Laditan, featured on The Huffington Post. Bunmi’s article is a reminder that it is not our job as parents to CREATE a magical life for our children, and that they already see and…

Wooden Playscape Designs at Folkwood by Sandy

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wooden playscape designs animals

Wooden Playscape Designs at Folkwood   A little while ago, I literally stumbled across the most gorgeous shop on Madeit called Folkwood. I have been bubbling with excitement to share this shop with you in the lead-up to Christmas. You will LOVE this. I just know it.   Folkwood is the work of Sandy, Mama to 3 grown boys, and Nana…

Nature Crafts For Kids: Stick dolls

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nature crafts for kids

PFE Reader Showcase: Nature Crafts for kids I just love nature crafts for kids. I’m so excited to introduce Stick Man’s newest friends. PFE Reader Jacinta sent me these photos of her children’s creations. I hear they had a ball making their own Stick Man, and Stick Girl. I wonder what their names are..? I’m particularly fond of their woollen…

Setting up a children’s playroom space

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Five tips for setting up the children’s playroom space It’s my idea of heaven to have a separate playroom for the children’s toys but unfortunately, it’s not always possible. Many of us simply don’t have the space. When I ran Moondew playgroup from home, my loungeroom became a pseudo-kindergarten class, with toys lining the shelves that sat strategically around the…

Play Resources For Indoor Creative Play

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play resources

Play resources for children’s indoor creative play   Have you ever searched or wished for a list of things you could use as play resources for children’s indoor creative play?  Well, look no further. Here it is. This is the list I wanted when my daughter was small, and I’ve been adding to it over the years too. It’s a…

Creative Play: Scaffolding Experiences

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creative play

Photo source  Creative Play: Scaffolding Experiences to spark imagination! When it comes to ‘loose parts’ and children’s inventiveness, creative play can be stimulated by occasionally offering a variety of tactile things that ‘scaffold’ (in loose terms) imaginative play. Tactile experiences help to enliven the senses and may also allow a child connect to their body a little more strongly. They also encourage…

How do children play? Loose parts in action

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how do children play

How do children play?  Loose parts in action. How do children play? It’s a question that I often ponder, especially in recent times as I watch this massive growth and accessibility in technology become a huge obstacle standing in the way of free play for many young children. Then just the other day, I found this old ideas book of…

Designing with loose parts

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loose parts

Designing with “loose parts”   When children have open-ended materials, or loose parts, at their disposal- especially things from nature or those that are particularly beautiful- one of the things they often do with these materials is to make designs. In my experience, these designs are often mandala-like in their nature, with repetitive elements of colour, shape, texture and form….