Six Fun Things to Do with Rainbow Silks

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rainbow silks

Ideas on how to use a Rainbow Dip-dyed cloth    Avril (below) was a presenter for a rainbow dip dyeing workshop. Look at the lovely rainbow silk cloths she dyed with her group. Later in the week, we had a group discussion to share some ideas on how we could use these cloths with children in imaginative play.     One…

“Making Childhood Magical.” I’m not done!

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making childhood magical

“Why I’m NOT Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical”   Yesterday, a friend posted this on her Facebook page. “I’m done making my kid’s child magical“ by Bunmi Laditan, featured on The Huffington Post. Bunmi’s article is a reminder that it is not our job as parents to CREATE a magical life for our children, and that they already see and…

Dragon eggs and Fairy eggs

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fairy eggs

Last year, a friend of mine held a birthday party and in the take home party bag was a little cellophane packet tied up with string that held about 20 tiny fairy eggs in rainbow colours. Ned was fascinated by these tiny balls and their potential. But somehow, they got lost. Last month, when we were in Sydney, we visited…

Simple Pulley and Lever Activity for Children

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If only I’d known how easy it was to make a pulley system, I would have done it ages ago. Ned found a little toy that I bought many moons ago and yesterday, we worked out how to set it up. The toy is German made by Kraul. “Mini Cable Car” Sadly I have no idea of the supplier. If you do,…

Prince and Princess Crown Headbands: A how-to tutorial

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On Friday 6th January, we attended a Royal Gathering, the “Fete des Rois”. (You can read about our adventure at Lavendilly House) Of course, one cannot attend a royal gathering without a title or a crown. Whilst Ned is informally known as Ned, Prince of Books, for this occasion he took a new title. “Sir Truck-a-lot“ Yes, when Ned was…

Crystal Treasure Hunting Game for party fun

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This is my new all-time favourite of things to do with little children…. A Crystal treasure hunting game!! Small circular carpet mats were placed on the table and in the centre of each mat sat a small pile of tiny stones, an upturned clam, paua or pretty shell, and a little pair of tweezers. The object of the ‘game’ was…

“The Home” as motif for quality child care

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Can you imagine a place, where up to 20 little children are mostly free to move about from room to room, under the watchful loving guidance of five co-workers in a big old warm timber home?   (The exception to this might be when one co-worker blocks off a room with a low barrier frame to keep inquisitive babies from knocking over the…

Rice activities for children: Rice Table truck and car play

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Ned loves his sandpit.  He really loves his sandpit. But on wet days, when he can’t get outside to play, he often tries to find creative substitutes from my pantry.  Flour works. Check.  Breadcrumbs work. Check. But to be honest, I can’t clean up another flour adventure ever again!     I have been thinking about something else that he…

A sneaky peek into Periwinkle preschool, Byron Bay

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Doesn’t it just entice you in? A beautiful stained glass window facing the front street is the only hint that behind the doors of this suburban house lies a magical wonder for children. Welcome.   This is the door for the teachers, but the children and families take a traipse down the walkway into the back garden adventure playground and…

The most beautiful kindergarten in the world- Part Two

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The thing I love about visiting thoughtfully prepared kindergarten spaces is the inspiration for setting up a beautiful space.  Toy rooms don’t have to be full of broken junk. In fact, when WE adults care for the things they play with (much easier to do when we also love their toys), children too are much more likely to care for…