How to Finger Knit: a how-to tutorial

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how to finger knit

How to Finger Knit   Fingerknitting is king of crafts! For years, I have watched little children transform into master creators just through the learning of this simple skill. It just has so many uses. Why not ask a child for some ideas? An instruction verse for finger knitting. One way to teach finger knitting is to use a small action story…

How To Make A Doll Out Of Felt

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how to make a doll from felt

How to make a doll out of felt No. 20 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series: “Tom, the Baker’s Son”, a wet felting and sewing activity for children   Wet felting is such fun for children, and it is even more fun when they can make something out of the piece of felt they have devoted hours to. This…

How to use a knitting nancy

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“Something from Nothing”:  Knitting Nancy Here is a simple way to make your own knitting nancy. Take one 6cm piece of a rough cut branch.  Drill a 1.5cm hole through the centre. Drill four holes (wide enough for dowels) at equal intervals around the circle. Glue the dowels in place. Now, isn’t that just the most eco-friendly toy/craft tool you’ve ever seen?…

How to make a ‘Twistie’ Rope out of wool

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Sometimes, we just need rope. Rope can be used for an unlimited amount of things. For making cubbies and  horse reins, to hang cloths for a puppet show, as bag handles, as decorative borders on things, to sew a floor rug…. what else can you think of?? Children LOVE rope. It is also especially good for Star Birthday headbands! (My…

How to make a slip knot: a how-to tutorial

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slip knot

Slip knots are handy things. They are so versatile and helpful and wonderful if you are ever stuck out in the bush. Slip knots are necessary for knitting and fingerknitting too. Who ever thought that a knot could ever be useful? Making a slip knot as an adult should be easy. Sometimes, it is. Sometimes, it is not. Want a…