How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

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how to make a pop up christmas tree card

How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Tree Card Super Simple!  Make these with the children at playgroup and family day care for end-of-year celebrations too! With thanks to Staedtler Shhhh!  Don’t tell.   We’ve invited our Rainbow Bridge FDC educator team to a very fun ‘Festive Cookie Baking’ night where we will all bring along a batch of our…

How to make an Easter egg basket from paper: a how-to tutorial

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origami box for easter egg hunt

 How to make an Easter Egg basket from Paper With Easter only just over three weeks away, you might just be needing a quick and easy Easter Egg basket to make with your children in preparation. This one is made of paper, and was inspired by Ned’s Easter kindergarten gift from last year. You need two pieces of paper, one…

Easy Craft Projects For The Home: Painted Flower Tealight Centrepiece

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Project #7:  Easy Craft Projects for the Home Tea Light Flower Centrepiece Nature-inspired, Watercolour-painted Time: One hour plus painting time if needed Difficulty: Cutting skills needed Yesterday I painted a sheet of paper with rainbow inspired stripes for something special, one of my easy craft projects for the home. Perhaps you can paint a rainbow too, but you can use…

How to make a paper carry bag necklace for baby dolls

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  I love simple paper crafts and this was one that I have borrowed my son’s kindy.  These little paper carry bag ‘necklaces’ take seconds to make but have a multitude of uses.  They can carry itty bitty dolls like this pipe cleaner doll, or be used to collect crystals or nature treasures, or to transport a few special coins…

How to make an Origami Box with Flaps – Candy Box or Cute Stationery Holder

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how to make an origami box with flaps 1

How to make an origami box with flaps.   These origami boxes with decorative wings are traditionally used to hold candy or lollies. But I think they would look pretty darn cute on your desk holding fancy push pins or funky paper clips. (Don’t you just love the blue dolphin paper clips?  Big W in Australia sell them for about $3…

Handmade Origami Box

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Handmade Origami Box       Don’t you just think this tiny origami box keepsake is the perfect fit for baby teeth that are ready for the Tooth Fairy? And look, it fits a golden coin too. Magnificent.   I will never be as surprised at the power of a piece of golden paper as I was for this origami-style…

Valentine Tea cup tags DIY tutorial

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I’m a BIG fan of secret love notes, and not-so-secret love notes too. I love treasure hunts, and scribed messages hidden in lunchboxes and briefcases and I adore livening up our daily moments with simple fancies too.  Valentine’s Day is coming up. Why not make your love well-known with a Valentine teacup tag too? I saw this ‘wreath’ pattern idea…

How to make a rainbow star window decoration using wax paper

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I’ve been wishing on a few stars lately. Just asking and hoping and begging for signs that might give me some clues on my next steps forward. Stars are so humble aren’t they, but they often carry the weight of our hopes and dreams. They are quite special really.  Don’t you think? I like to bring stars into my home….

Novelty car-shaped drinking straw DIY tutorial

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Here is the template. You need the car body, the car wheels (cut 2) and the car windows (cut 2). Plus 2 brads (pushpins), a needle or pin, a stanley knife, a glue stick, a chopping board, and of course, a straw. Firstly, glue on the windows. Then use the needle/pin to poke a hole through the centre of each…

Peekaboo love heart note card DIY tutorial

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Are you planning on leaving a love note anywhere on Valentine’s Day? Here is a simple way to make a love heart peekaboo card to surprise your favourite loved ones. I’ve just made 36, one for everyone of my Moondew children, and one for my husband and two children too! Shhh, don’t tell! You’ll need a template to help cut…

Surprise Snail Mail Love in the letterbox

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Gosh, how we missed our Moondew friends, Ned and I. I am so happy our friends are back! Ned helped me to make a little Welcome Back postcard and we sent them to all our Moondew friends. How lovely is it to receive something other than a bill in the postbox???? What was the last non-bill thing you received?

How to make a Origami ‘Chatterbox’ sweet/lolly or stationery holder

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I’m always looking for sweet ways to display my things, whether it be food, or treats, or gifts. Moondew mama’s made one of these for their families and we filled them with the yummy treats we had been making over the past two weeks- coconut ice, peppermint bark, cacao slabs too. Smaller versions of these became the place settings for…