How to make a bullion knot embroidery stitch

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When I am embroidering on my crafty projects, I often need to make a little 3D ball or bubble for eyes, centres of flowers, doorknobs on house designs, or tiny apples on trees.  This is when the bullion knot, sometimes called a french knot, comes in handy. (In fact, this is an essential technique when making Waldorf doll heads.) As…

Whip (saddle) stitch, a step-by-step photographic tutorial

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whip stitch pm

Whip stitch, also called saddle stitch, is one of those staple, quick and easy stitches that should be in your repertoire.  It can be used to join two pieces of fabric together, to close or seal an area or for decoration too. Here we go. Hold your two pieces of fabric together.  Thread your needle with a length of cotton, in…

Stem Stitch Tutorial

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stem stitch pm

  Stem stitch is my favourite stitch for embroidering words or outlining detail. It is such an elegant looking stitch, don’t you think?     Draw your design on your material with a pencil or chalk.  Practice on a straight line.  Curves are more tricky as you sometimes have to switch from side to side with your backward jump to…

Spider Web, or Rose, Stitch tutorial

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  Another embroidery stitch I love is the ‘Spider Web’ or ‘Rose’ stitch.     Simply find the place on your material where you wish to place the spiderweb/rose. Thread a needle with a long piece of cotton and bring it up from underneath the fabric. The knot at the end of your string will stop the thread coming right…

Back stitch tutorial

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  The three most important stitches that I use are Blanket Stitch, Gathering/Straight Stitch and Back Stitch. When I worked in the kindergarten, these were the three essential skills they needed to tackle just about any crafty challenge. If 4 and 5-year-olds can master it, then anyone can. Yay for easy crafty expertise!   This is back stitch.    …

Star Stitch tutorial

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star stitch

  I often like to make little quick embroidery stitches on my projects. The Star Stitch is one of my favourites. Of course it is, my former blog identity wasn’t MamaMoontime for no reason!  Night skies and stars are my world. Yours too?     Just thread a needle and be sure to tie a knot in the end of…

Gathering (or Straight) Stitch: A how-to tutorial

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  If you know just a few basic stitches, you can pretty much sew anything. My favourites are blanket stitch, gathering stitch, backstitch and daisy stitch and a bullion knot for embroidery embellishing.     Children can do them too. Simply thread a needle, tie a knot on the tail to stop the thread going right through, and bring the…

How to Blanket Stitch: a step by step tutorial

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blanket stitch pm

  Blanket stitch is one of the best things I know! Here is how you do it. Firstly, take a length of thread about as long as your arm. Thread it through your needle, and tie a knot at the end of the long thread. (With children, I do a double thread and knot the two ends together as this…