1. King Sun Puppet For Simple Story Telling at Home or Preschool

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30 Days of Dolls: King Sun Puppet No. 1: Simple Storytelling Puppet & for imaginative play   This month, I’ve set myself the task of sharing some of the simple dolls I’ve created or discovered over the past 15-odd years as an early childhood teacher. I’ve made many of these again and again – for my children at home, for…

Ice Pop Joy by Anni Daulter

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Well, I never. Our Moondew morning tea consisted of fruit platters and Ice Pops. But these were no ordinary fruit juice icepops. No sirree. They came from Anni Daulter’s book, Ice Pop Joy.  With ingredients such as real mint, raw cacao powder, silken tofu, soy milk, agave syrup, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, linseed meal, pistachio, walnuts, peanut butter and more, they…

How to make a rainbow star window decoration using wax paper

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I’ve been wishing on a few stars lately. Just asking and hoping and begging for signs that might give me some clues on my next steps forward. Stars are so humble aren’t they, but they often carry the weight of our hopes and dreams. They are quite special really.  Don’t you think? I like to bring stars into my home….

How to make a sunflower wee peg doll

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The first step in making a sunflower doll is to paint a hairstyle. I like flicks and cute curls, and swirls that tickle the doll’s cheeks. I use Montemarte acrylic paints. These cost about $12 for a set of small pots in 12 rainbow colours, but any fair to good quality, acrylic paints will do. The wee doll forms are…

Swell ideas for Summer crafting and activity with children!

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How to: make a Sun King Rainbow Wands and “Planting the Magic Rainbow Seed” story game Summer-inspired Australian Nature Table idea How to: Make an outdoor chalkboard including resources of where to buy Lyra chalks, and chalkboard drawing inspirations Chocolate Bingo!  A fun game for the family.