Simple Pulley and Lever Activity for Children

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If only I’d known how easy it was to make a pulley system, I would have done it ages ago. Ned found a little toy that I bought many moons ago and yesterday, we worked out how to set it up. The toy is German made by Kraul. “Mini Cable Car” Sadly I have no idea of the supplier. If you do,…

The Art of Wood burning by Hallie Lindal

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Today’s guest is Hallie Lindal from Our Broken Road Hallie is a home-schooling mama with two children who loves to read, craft and teach. She has her own etsy shop Hands On Fun and is also on Facebook. When Hallie sent me this article, my heart and hands tingled! It is not often I find a completely new crafty tool…

More woodwork ideas with John Elliot, master craftsman

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Check out this great idea! It is a spinning game and 5 year old children can make it with a little help from mum or dad.   It is simply a ring of timber cut from a branch. Two holes need to be drilled with a hand drill (children can turn the handle whilst the adult supervises the safe grip…

Woodworking ideas for young children with John Elliot

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I love the IDEA of working with wood. But to be honest, I have no clue. I leave it up to my husband. But I was intrigued enough to sneak into the woodworking workshop on offer the other week. John Elliot, a gregarious former school teacher, and woodworker, and all round good guy, was the teacher.  This man is inspirational!…