7 Top Tips for Motivating Children to Learn

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motivating children to learn

Motivating children to learn. My top seven practical, tried-and-true tips from a lifetime working with children. Brought to you by ASG. Plus, see below for details on how to enter ASG’s competition to win a week-long luxury family excursion!   I’ve had all kinds of teaching and learning experiences with children- in mainstream schools and Steiner Waldorf ones; across preschools…

Children Imitate Parents: Imitation for Learning

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children imitate parents

Children Imitate Parents: The Power Of Imitation For Learning     Here is a really cute video reminding us how powerful imitation really is. This sweet video makes us laugh but there is a message in here. Children imitate parents… and caregivers, and teachers, and siblings, and grandparents, and….just about anyone who has some kind of impact upon that child’s…

Anxiety in children: 15 practical and creative suggestions

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anxiety in children

Anxiety in children: 15 practical suggestions Not long ago, I was talking with a friend who wanted some creative suggestions for helping anxiety in children, specifically, her child to overcome her separation anxiety.  This is such a tricky one, you know. In real life, when many of us do have to return to work or study when our children are…

Busy Time: The challenge of being an ‘entertainment director’

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As you know, I’m an advocate for the idea of ‘balanced parenting’. I’m never going to set down a list of rules or advice that expound one set of lifestyle characteristics or virtues over another.  The golden rule when it comes to parenting is that each parent has the right to make their own choices over what is ok, or…

The Error of Parenting Expectation (and how to overcome it).

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Disability Signage

The most important thing I have learned about children is that they come to this world and life with their own agenda.  We are the vessel through which they pass but the journey is theirs alone. Image via Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/276338127106020872/ When things are going well, we parents are happy to greet the applause.  We readily accept the kudos that comes…

Parenting Tip: Mindful choice

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Trimmed and Tailed via Sini via www.smittenkitchen.com Last night, I was preparing beans when it struck me that I don’t really know why I trim and tail the ends of beans.  I just do it because I saw my mum do it.  I wonder if there is any real reason other than decorative?  Does anyone know? Of course, my mind…

TV or not to TV?

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Last month, I was interviewed by Katie Cincotta for ‘The Age’ about living in a TV-free household. Katie’s article was published this week. It seems a recent poll has found that 2% of households, that is 141,000 HOUSEHOLDS, have decided not to upgrade to digital tv when the switch is complete, so we’re definitely not alone. It seems more and…

Developmental Guides for Young Children

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Years ago, I read a book that I can no longer remember the title of.  I remember and put into practice one thing from this book. It was called the 5 Point Review or something similar. (If anyone knows the original source and name of this book, please let me know) Basically, at the end of each week, you ask…

Self Care and the art of nourishment: Parenting Tip

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I took the advice of a wise sage yesterday and gave myself a day off. Do you ever take a day off? Really? Truly? (I struggle to do that!) So, this is the parenting tip of the day: Self Care and the art of nourishment.  I’m all for balance.  In theory.  But in reality, my life swirls like a hurricane….

The care and replenishment of a parent’s energy

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An overview of the ages and stages of children, plus the need to replenish ourselves as parents.  Conference notes 2011. Renate Long-Breipohl gave a description of a 2 1/2 year old as being ”totally sympathetic with their own deeds”. I couldn’t help laugh a little at this.  It seems my teenager is experiencing a return to toddlerhood!  Now, there is an…

Living with young children. Creating harmony in the home.

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Can you imagine a child like a great big sack of flour, where every impression  during the ages of 0-3 years old, leaves a mark?   This was an imagery given by Health Consultant Irmhild Kleinhenz from Melbourne Therapy Centre.   Can you picture what that flour sack would look like after 3 years? How many pats, pushes and prods,…

The importance of order for the 3 year old child

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Yesterday, I participated in a workshop on the 3 year old child with my friend and colleague, Connie Grawert. One of the key focuses of this workshop was to learn practical ways to manage three year olds by understanding their very different experience of consciousness to that of an adult. To give us some idea of what it is like to…