Ken Robinson Ted Talk On Creative Education For Kids And Life

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Ken Robinson TED Talk

on Creative Education for Kids

If you have kids, then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you take 20 minutes and watch this Ken Robinson TED talk video.

There is a reason it is the most watched TED talk ever. His ideas about what our children will be facing in their schooling life, and beyond into their unknown future of work and what they will face with regard to earning an income, will astound you.

I have watched this video many times over the past few years, and I am always gobsmacked by Ken’s insights. Creativity it seems, is the key to everything in life, but never more so than living in the world today.

This video just might make you re-think your children’s education. It may even force you out of your comfort zone and make you decide to forgo the local option for something different or inspired. I know of people who have chosen the home-schooling route (never an easy thing) because they couldn’t remain complacent any longer. But regardless of the path you take, there are things in here that we can aspire to, and implement in our own homes.

Happy watching! I’d love to know what you think.

Amber xx


6 Responses to “Ken Robinson Ted Talk On Creative Education For Kids And Life”

  1. Catherine

    Very inspiring, and hopeful that this kind of thinking could become the new mainstream!

  2. Amber Greene

    Isn’t it the best? I LOVE this video. I think our schools just might be on the right track! PS: Ned got into Cape Byron! Love to you Cath!

  3. Catherine Lowe

    Arghh. Such gratitude for discovering Steiner schools when I was pregnant. We are yet to begin the journey within the school, and I AM EXCITED!!!

  4. Sue Morris

    Food for thought Amber. I really enjoyed listening to Ken. I’m on the right track encouraging creativity and imagination at home, knowing that it isn’t a priority at school

  5. Amber Greene

    So right Sue. We can do it, if the school isn’t focused on that so much. Things are changing, thankfully, but National Curriculum is not helping the issue, thats for sure. Artists of Daily Life, that’s what we are!

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