Use symbols and pictures to help children establish ownership

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Younger children who can’t yet read, are able to recognise symbols.
Using symbols is the perfect way to help children establish a sense of ownership over their things when they can’t yet recognise their own name.
Not only that, a symbol is something fun!

Recognising, and then drawing symbols is the basis for writing and reading too.
Think Egyptian heiroglyphics!!
You can use symbols on your towel racks, on your children’s facewashers, on their school bags, or lunchboxes, their cups at the dinner table- in fact, just about anywhere where you want to help them claim ownership and be able to help you order the home, such as setting the table.
If your child knows their brothers and sister’s symbols, they can put the cups in the right place.

These are some of the symbols I used for my Moondew Playgroup.
The designs are mostly direct from my Japanese stamping books with a few coming from this lovely book I borrowed from the library recently.
“Embroidery for Little Miss Crafty” by Helen Dardik
ISBN  978 1600 585 982


When I choose symbols, or draw them myself (I often draw them from scratch but this year, I wanted to use the ones from my stamping books- too cute!!), I contemplate the child who will receive it.
I like to match some aspect of the symbol to the personality of the child if I know them too.
It really is a careful business, this picking and choosing of symbols.
I wouldn’t want to find myself with a naughty little elf now, would I?    : )



So, as I spent time drawing and colouring symbols, Ned was watching intently.
He asked me to draw one for him for Moondew and chose, not surprisingly, a rubbish truck!
I added a blue “ute” (small flat bed utility truck) and a red car to my collection after his request.
I know a few little boys who are going to be very happy campers with these symbols!!
What do you think of my rubbish truck effort??   : )

3 Responses to “Use symbols and pictures to help children establish ownership”

  1. Donna

    I LOVE the symbols! I remember when they were introduced in Kindy…. the look on the children’s little faces *smile*.
    How blessed are the little souls that attend your playgroup!
    Donna x

  2. Amber Greene

    Hi Donna! Thank you. I hope they are. Hope to see you soon. Are you free next thurs morning?? I’ll send you an email.

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