Beaded Butterfly Necklace For Kids

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beaded butterfly

Project #21: Beaded Butterfly Activity

Butterfly Necklace, Brooch or Hanging Mobile for Kids

Time: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Wonderful for pincer grip, and sorting beads by colour. Could be hours of fun with this!


One of our little friends has a birthday coming up so I thought I’d come up with a cute nature-inspired craft that could be used for a sweet delightful gift too.  In my experience, many little girls like necklaces so this beaded and felt butterfly necklace should be just about right. I think it would make a lovely brooch too, and would bring a colourful boost to a bedroom on a hanging mobile.beaded butterfly

1. Cut a piece of jewellery wire about 20 cm long. Bend it in half.

2. Add seed beads (mine are colourful plastic ones) in a rainbow pattern. Fill the wire to make the body.

3. When you have enough to cover the body, twist the wire to secure. Continue putting beads on both antennas.

4. When you finish the antennas, twist the leftover wire into a loop and remove the excess.

beaded butterfly

5. Twist your antenna into curls.

6. For the wings, cut two butterfly shapes from your favourite coloured felt- one big, one slightly smaller.

7. If you like, you might add a little embroidery onto the smaller piece. (But only if you want to.)

8. Use a cotton thread to stitch the beaded body and antenna in place. The butterfly is ready to fly.

beaded butterfly

9.  For a necklace, add a long 40 cm piece of pretty ribbon by tying a slip (loop) knot around the wire under the antennas.

beaded butterfly

I hope she likes it!

I’m sure this could be used for other things too.

What would you use a beaded butterfly for?


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