How To Make A Christmas Tree Out Of Paper For Kids

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how to make a christmas tree out of paper for kids pm

How to make a christmas tree out of paper for kids

3D Cone Tree

Project 8 of 30 Days of Christmas Crafting.

Very soon, I’m going to have a space for a Nature Table again. Except this will be one very long and skinny surface for all kinds of loveliness. Not just nature. Not just craft. My table is completely open to interpretation and we’ll just leave it nice and open to see what grows or develops there… I want it to be a space where Ned, Jack and I can showcase our favourite things, things that inspire us, things that excite us or that we are proud of, things that capture our attention, or make us gasp. A single daisy that Ned picked from the garden for me. His newest Lego building. My go-to bit of craft I’m working on.

I’d love to add a few of those glass bell jars when I’m flush enough to afford them. I covet them like I’ve rarely coveted anything. There is just something about those bell jars, that inspires me to wonder and cherish the magic of the world.

We may also pop things on the wall above the tableau. I can’t wait to begin.

That is mostly because I want to pop a few of my Christmassy crafts on display. Like this one. Up and out of the way of little curious Jack and on a table where things can be appreciated and loved.  If you make this, you might need a special new space too.

Make a Christmas Tree Out of Paper

Photos, left to right. (Cube frames: Top to bottom also).

christmas candle holders to make

1. The first thing to do when making this craft is to RAID your kitchen cupboards. That was a bit of fun! Stack a pile of dishes, plates, bowls and cups one on top of the other, with small differences in the sizings like in my pic. My bottom layer was a dinner plate. My top layer was a mug.

2. Trace around just half the biggest plate/circle you have on a piece of thick scrapbooking paper. (Guess-timate!)

3. Use a ruler to draw a straight line to complete semi-circle. Cut out the template.

4. Pull the two corners together to make a cone like this.

how to make a christmas tree out of paper for kids2

5. Staple the cone shape in place.

6. On the inside of the cone, use washi tape to secure the paper in place.

7. You’ll do this with all your pieces to make a cone village like this one. (Isn’t that cute? I almost wanted to leave them like that as a tree forest. Sweet!)


8. This is what your pieces will look like when you are finished with your templates. A nice gap of about 1-1.5 cm is just right. But this is a project for those who are NOT pedantic. Any size will just about do! That is why it is so great for children too.

how to make a christmas tree out of paper for kids3

9.  To make the stand for the tree, you’ll need to make a solid base out of STAEDTLER FIMO modelling clay. Push a stick into the lump to create the stand.

10. You’ll need a ‘tip’ for the top of the stick too. This helps your tree to sit balanced. Bake your FIMO in a low temperature oven for up to 15 minutes. When FIMO has cooled, use a bit of glue to fix the wooden pole in place on both pieces.

11. Now the fun part.  Put a dab of glue inside the cone and put the largest cone shape in place on the FIMO tip.  Continue this step, one by one, with each cone. Glue inside, then gently lower it onto the one before. Be sure to have your cone sizes in order.

how to make a christmas tree out of paper for kids4

12. Still loving the tree village… isn’t it amazing how sometimes the most beautiful things are unintentional!

13. When your layers are in place, this is what your tree looks like.

14. Now to embellish. I found a bunch of glittery sequins in Christmas colours. What might you use? Add a dab of PVA glue onto each piece and stick in place.

how to make a christmas tree out of paper for kids5

15. You can make a sack for the base of the tree too, if you like. Totally optional. But I like it. It just seems to finish it off nicely. Cut a 4 cm tall rectangle of brown felt. Turn over a cuff along the top edge. Stitch this down with straight stitch. Sew up the seam with blanket stitch. Then slip over the clay base.

16. Don’t forget a gold star!

17. A paper tree for the nature table. A child-friendly project this one.

What is one thing on your Nature/Display Table today?

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