How to make a button bracelet

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About a year ago, my mum was loving button bracelets and wanted to buy one.  Don’t do that, I said. I’ll make you one. I bought both the pink and green buttons she liked, and some fine crochet wire…
and the lot has stood on my shelf since then.
Last week, I finally made it.  Would you like to make one too?


Cut a piece of crochet wire (available in all good craft stores) about 30cm in length.  Thread your first button onto the wire through all four holes for extra strength, leaving at least an inch (3 cm) free at the end.  Twist the tip of the wire back through the button and wind it back on itself so you create a loop like this.

Continue threading on your choice of buttons in your favourite colours.  You only need to thread through two of the holes on subsequent buttons but every now and then, I thread a button through the four to keep everything in place.

When you are done, twist that loop around and around until it becomes a line.

Bend the line to make a hook.  This will be your catch.
Thread enough buttons to wrap around your wrist with a little extra room, then attach a fishing swivel at the end.
Secure the swivel and wind any extra wire around until it is tucked away.
To wear it, just clip the hook into the swivel and press the hook closed.
Cute, hey?
Just imagine the possibilities of colour combinations…..

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  1. Sharningu

    Oh, I love that! Finally a use for all the buttons I have been collecting :)

    You have nice wrists, you should be a hand model or something!

  2. Amber Greene

    Ha ha! I spent ages taking photos that didn’t show up the veins on top of my hand. That you should be so kind makes my day!

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